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Just imagine a picturesque beach that stretches for miles in either direction, great days out or rest and relaxation for all of the family, and all of this topped off with fantastic accommodation and the tastiest treats you'll find at any seaside location. Does that sound like paradise? Then let me introduce you to Mablethorpe, the perfect destination for a staycation that suits any traveller and is guaranteed to make lasting memories for families, friends and loved ones.

The 2023 season is here, and Mablethorpe is already awaiting your arrival. So what better way to get yourself acquainted with the area and all of the amenities on offer than through our unique guide. We aim to answer all of your questions on Mablethorpe and be the one-stop shop for any queries you may have before or during your visit.

Enjoy miles of golden sands during your visit to MablethorpeEnjoy miles of golden sands during your visit to Mablethorpe

where is mablethorpe?

Mablethorpe Town is located on the East Coast of England, in the County of Lincolnshire. If you travel to the area by car, you can type the Postcode LN12 1AA into your sat nav.

Unfortunately, there are no direct rail links to the resort, so you must make your way to Skegness before connecting to Mablethorpe. You can find more information about navigating your way from the nearest railway in our Skegness to Mablethorpe article. 

why are more holiday makers visiting mablethorpe?

Mablethorpe family holidays are becoming more popular, but because this is a resort that caters for all tourists to the area, visitor numbers and internet searches have been steadily increasing since the end of 2021. Of course, more people chose to stay and vacation in the UK during covid and the aftermath, but this has led to the great British public reigniting their love of the seaside and realising that everything they enjoy has been on their doorstep all along.

Safe & fun environment at mablethorpe

We all want somewhere to holiday where we don't have to worry about anything and, more importantly, can enjoy a safe, clean, and friendly environment with our loved ones. Mablethorpe ticks all of these boxes and is kept immaculately clean, with the beach being one of the finest the UK has to offer, again being awarded the blue flag status. 

Amazing Beauty spots & not overly Commercialised

Go to any city in the UK, and you'll see all the regular branded shops and very few spots where you can sit outside and enjoy a quiet moment. The complete opposite can be said of Mablethorpe, and whilst you may spot the odd well-known store located within the town, generally speaking, most of the businesses are owned by locals.

Arguably the biggest draw has to be the location. There are countless places along the seafront where you can sit down and enjoy nothing but peace and quiet, and nature reserves are also dotted along the coast, so why not go for a leisurely walk and explore the area to the fullest.

Accommodation in mablethorpe

With the amount of accommodation on offer throughout Mablethorpe, there is something to suit the needs and budget of every visitor. So, whether you are staying for a weekend break or taking your annual holiday, look at the options below to see what the resort has to offer.

what is there to do at Mablethorpe?

We all have our ideas on what a holiday should involve, and here at Mablethorpe, you can choose from a day of fun and excitement or simply unwinding and relaxing instead. Browse through our things to do section to see what is in store for your trip.

food and drink in mablethorpe

One of the best parts of a holiday, especially a visit to the seaside, is the chance to indulge in some of the classic food and drink that comes with a traditional seaside resort. Mablethorpe is no exception when it comes to the offerings that will be available to you. You can get yourself familiar with the places you can visit to keep your hunger and thirst at bay below.

upcoming events at mablethorpe

Grand Illuminations Switch on At MablethorpeGrand Illuminations Switch on At Mablethorpe

There are always different events throughout the year here at Mablethorpe, from continental markets and art festivals to marathons, special events, and the legendary grand illuminations switch on.

The town holds a great sense of community, and a friendly atmosphere is felt throughout the resort; attending these events is a fantastic opportunity to enhance a holiday experience and feel the vibrant energy the town creates.

These events can all be found on our upcoming events page, and don't forget to join our popular Facebook page so we can keep you in the loop of what's happening and when.

a brief history of mablethorpe 

As you now know, Mablethorpe is a seaside town located on the east coast of Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. We have a long and fascinating history dating back to the prehistoric era. So let's give you a little history lesson and increase your knowledge of all things Mablethorpe.

Prehistory & roman era

The area around Mablethorpe has been inhabited for thousands of years, with evidence of prehistoric settlements and barrows dating back to the Bronze Age. During the Roman era, a small settlement known as "Saltfleetby" was established in the area, which served as a port for the export of salt and other goods.

medieval era

During the medieval era, Mablethorpe grew in importance as a port town, with ships trading goods such as wool, hides, and salt. In the 13th century, Mablethorpe was granted a market charter, which allowed it to hold weekly markets and annual fairs. During this period, the town also became a popular destination for pilgrims travelling to the nearby shrine of Our Lady of Louth.

tudor era

In the Tudor era, Mablethorpe continued to prosper as a port town with the construction of a new harbour in the 16th century. The town also became an important centre for fishing, with local fishermen catching cod, herring, and other fish off the coast. In 1588, Mablethorpe played a small role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada, as local sailors helped to intercept and capture a Spanish ship.

victorian era

During the Victorian era, Mablethorpe grew rapidly as a tourist destination, with the railway line opening in 1877, making it easier for visitors to reach the town. The first holidaymakers were attracted by the town's sandy beaches and healthy sea air, and soon hotels and guesthouses began to spring up along the seafront. In 1883, the first pier was built in Mablethorpe, providing a focal point for all entertainment.

20th century 

In the 20th century, Mablethorpe continued to evolve and adapt to changing times. During World War II, the town played a vital role in the war effort, with local residents helping to build and maintain the nearby airfields. After the war, Mablethorpe once again became a popular destination for holidaymakers with the opening of new caravan parks and holiday camps.

mablethorpe flood 1953

The Mablethorpe flood of 1953 was a significant natural disaster that affected the coastal town and other areas of the United Kingdom on the night of January 31st. The flood was caused by a combination of high spring tides and a severe storm that caused a surge of water to inundate coastal towns and villages along the east coast of England.

The floodwaters caused extensive damage to Mablethorpe and other nearby towns and villages, with many homes and businesses being destroyed or severely damaged. The flood was particularly devastating for Mablethorpe, where the sea defences were overwhelmed by the high tides and strong winds, allowing floodwaters to pour into the town.

In the aftermath of the flood, a major cleanup operation was launched, with volunteers and professionals working together to remove debris, repair damage, and restore services. The government also provided financial assistance to those affected, and new sea defences were built to prevent similar disasters from occurring in the future.

The flood was one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the UK, claiming the lives of over 300 people and causing widespread devastation along the east coast of England. However, the disaster led to significant improvements in flood prevention and response measures, helping to ensure that future flooding events are less severe and less destructive.


What is the nearest station to Mablethorpe?

The nearest train station to Mablethorpe is Skegness train station, which is approximately 17 miles away.

What is Mablethorpe known for?

The iconic blue flag beach at Mablethorpe stretches for miles in either direction, but the seaside resort is all well-known for its famous Sand Train and the Mirage Amusement Arcade.

Is Mablethorpe a good place to live and visit?

With practically a non-existent crime rate and some of the most incredible beauty spots the east coast offers, Mablethorpe is a fantastic area to live in and visit for your holidays. 

Which is best, Skegness or Mablethorpe?

Whilst Skegness has more in the way of shops, it is spread out over quite a distance, unlike Mablethorpe, where all amenities are easily accessible by foot. Furthermore, Mablethorpe is much less commercialised than Skegness and is by far better value for money on holidays and days out.