Hello and welcome to Discover Mablethorpe, my name is Nigel and I am the owner and editor of this site.


The idea I had for this site, is that it would be a place for potential visitors to the area of Mablethorpe to come and find out information. Or perhaps people who were unaware of the existence of this seaside town looking for something different to their usual holiday or break away. 


Well a little bit about me and how I ended up here..... Having worked in the leisure industry for a fair few years and financing trips overseas from doing that, I met on my travels in Bangkok a now very good friend who owns several websites and makes his living from solely doing that. After finding this very interesting and several chats later, I decided to find a subject I have good knowledge about, and see if I could write from my experiences advice that others would find useful.

So why Mablethorpe?

Well having lived in the town for so many years, and working a number of jobs in that time, I thought why not create a website that shows what the town has to offer.

In recent years holidays abroad for families have taken the limelight, but It feels like there is a shift back toward the traditional British holiday at the seaside again. Due to recent events Sterling is down against other currencies, pushing up prices, and we all want the best value for our money. Other incidents have occurred and people want their loved ones safe when they take their holiday

Having visited plenty of other seaside resorts over the years, I genuinely think that Mablethorpe offers fantastic value for money, and more importantly it's an environment where you can feel safe with your family.

So that got to me thinking how over the years I've seen so many happy visitors here, and it made me want to give Mablethorpe the recognition it deserves, for the years of great holidays it's provided, and for the years it will continue to create memories that so many of us have from British resorts.

I would like to thank Nevil from the Mablethorpe Photo Album, who has allowed me to use some of his amazing pictures that he has taken of Mablethorpe, without his kindness and support of this site it would have been a lot more difficult to create.

I'll add a link to The Mablethorpe Photo Album facebook page now, if you would like to see more amazing pictures of the area, and feel free to give the page a like as well.