Undoubtedly Mablethorpe Beach is the jewel in the crown of the seaside resort, and the main reason that thousands of visitors descend upon the town each year. Stretching miles in either direction, this immaculately kept beach has been consistently awarded the blue flag status, meaning that it has continually met a criteria of stringent environmental and safety standards.

Along with the miles of golden sand that can be enjoyed throughout the year, the beach has a number of amenities that visitors to the area can take advantage of, which we will take a look at in this article. Simply put though, this is one of the best beaches you will find along the coastline, and arguably in the UK itself. If you're looking to make treasured memories with loved ones, then Mablethorpe beach is the ideal setting.

Amazing sunrise at Mablethorpe Beach


The most popular area of Mablethorpe beach is along the central promenade. This can be accessed from quite a few locations, including Quebec Road, and the main entrance which is from the high street. Those who are unsure of getting to this location can type Mablethorpe Beach postcode into their sat nav or mobile phone, and that code is LN12 1RG

Once you are on the central promenade you will find food, drinks, and beach supplies easy to come by. The main walkway has numerous shops to quench your thirst and satisfy your appetite. So whatever delicious treat you're possibly craving, I'll guarantee that one of the cafes or snack bars will have it available for you to purchase.

The main entrance to the central promenade at Mablethorpe Beach
Enjoy a bite to eat along the central promenade at Mablethorpe Beach

fairground fun at mablethorpe beach

Mablethorpe Fairground is easily accessible from the main promenade if you want to spend a few hours playing games or trying out the rides. All ages are welcome at the fairground, and there are rides and stalls to please pretty much everybody that enters. What makes this place even better you might ask? Well, admission to the grounds is free, so go and enjoy yourself.

Cool down with an ice cream on the central promenade at Mablethorpe Beach
Enjoy miles of golden sands at Mablethorpe Beach

toilets at mablethorpe beach

Public toilets can be found on the central promenade next to The Dunes Complex, opening hours for these are 7am till 9pm during the summer season, and during the winter these toilets are closed. You can also access more toilets heading towards Queens Park, next to the lifeboat station. All of these toilets require a payment of 20p to use them, with cash and digital payments available for you to use.

which beach is better skegness or mablethorpe?

Whilst both Skegness and Mablethorpe cater for thousands of budding holiday makers each year, Mablethorpe's beach offers a far superior holiday experience to visiting guests. As well as having the benefit of miles of coastline to enjoy without hazards or obstructions, Mablethorpe beach consists of very fine sand which is easy to walk on, and more pleasant for children to enjoy. You'll find a more coarse sand covering Skegness beach, with this offering a less pleasurable playing experience for children in general.

Mablethorpe beach is arguably less commercialised too, so a day out there doesn't have to turn into a particularly expensive affair. In summary, you'll find that children will have a better time at the beach in Mablethorpe, whilst visiting adults can enjoy miles of pristine sand to walk upon, without the trip or day being too harsh on the pocket.

can you swin in the sea at mablethorpe

During a hot day at the beach you can't beat cooling down with a nice swim, and with Mablethorpe beach being awarded the blue flag status, this means it is the perfect environment to go for a dip, or have some fun with the family. In fact, the sea at Mablethorpe has been awarded the water classification status of excellent since 2017 onwards, so you can rest assured that whilst you're having a laugh, you're doing so in clean water.

Towards the end of May and until the beginning of September you can expect to see RNLI Lifeguards on patrol. It is extremely important for the benefit of yourselves and your loved ones that you obey any instructions you see or receive whilst on the beach. Upon entering the main promenade or on the promenade itself, you will see the safety instructions in place, be sure to always obey these rules and make yourself familiar with them. It is strongly advised not to use inflatables whilst in the sea, and always swim between the designated flags.


Ride a donkey at Mablethorpe Beach

What screams out classic British seaside more than a ride on the donkeys. Well you're in luck if you want to pass this age old tradition down to your children or grandchildren, as you can take a ride along the golden sands of Mablethorpe beach upon one of the beautiful looking donkeys. 

Since the 2017 season the donkeys have been under new ownership. This has brought a fresh new look to how donkey rides now take place in Mablethorpe. And as well as incorporating some new colours for these magnificent animals to wear, they are now benefiting from far better conditions, which includes their own personal protection from the sun.

are dogs allowed on mablethorpe beach

From the 1st of May until the 30th of September dogs are prohibited on Mablethorpe central beach. However, the north beach of Mablethorpe which is to the left of the beach as you enter the central promenade, is dog friendly. There is a huge amount of space there available for you to take your dogs for a walk and let them get some exercise. If you are unsure about where you can take your dog, there is signage in place along the beach.


mablethorpe beach huts

Rent a chalet at Mablethorpe Beach

Mablethorpe Beach Chalets can be rented by the day, week, or even for the whole season. These are great to set up as a base for your holiday, and having a beach hut at Mablethorpe gives you the chance to get in the shade and sit back and relax whilst you enjoy your break. All chalets include 4 plates and mugs, a kettle, 4 deck chairs, a sweeping brush and a dustpan and brush.

If you would like to enquire about or book a chalet, then please click here for more information.


If you're planning on a trip to Mablethorpe during the summer months then there are a few other safety tips to consider during your visit to the beach, to ensure you don't miss out on any of your holiday days through illness.

  • Keeping hydrated - Drinking regular non alcoholic drinks will keep you in good shape for a day in the sun, any drinks that include electrolytes are very good for water absorption. Try to drink at least 3 litres of water on very hot days.
  • Wear suncream - Mablethorpe can be quite deceiving when there is a breeze coming off of the sea, and the burn time can be very fast. Wear a high sunscreen factor and build yourself up slowly to the sun if you are wanting to get a tan, have regular breaks in shaded areas to give yourself a rest from the sun. Buying a hat can be a great help to keep the sun away from your head. If you do get over exposed to the sun then drink plenty of water and apply a cooling after sun cream where needed, creams including aloe vera and very good for sunburn. If you or one of your party continue to feel ill, then seek medical advice immediately. 
  • Buy some quality sunglasses - Looking after our eyes is extremely important to our health, by all means make sure you are looking good in your shades, but if the sunglasses you are buying don't protect you 100% from UVA and UVB rays then put them back on the shelf and find a pair that does. Quality sunglasses don't have to be expensive and there are plenty of shops on the High Street and the central promenade that sell them. All glasses will have a sticker or label on them telling you what they protect you from.
  • Always obey the beach rules - As we previously mentioned, always obey the rules of the beach, this can literally be the difference between life and death. The sea must be treated with the upmost respect, and keeping to the rules will keep your family and loved ones safe at all times.
  • Remember to pick up your litter - Nobody likes a litter lout, and if you get caught throwing your rubbish or cigarette butts on to the floor, or Mablethorpe Beach by the enforcement officer, then you will be facing a fine of around £80. Keep our magnificent beach clean and leave it how you would like to find it the next time you visit.
  • There are several locations around Mablethorpe that you can leave your car and have quick access to the beach, see all of the available places on our car parking page.


Is Mablethorpe Beach open all year round?

You can access and enjoy the beach at Mablethorpe any time of the year. Just keep in mind though that if you visit out of season, then a number of the amenities will be closed.

How clean is the sea at Mablethorpe?

The sea at Mablethorpe is incredibly clean, and from 2017 onwards it has been classified as excellent in water quality from the governments department for environmental food and rural affairs.

Is it expensive to visit Mablethorpe beach for the day?

Not at all. Pack some food and drinks from home and come and enjoy a day at one of the best beaches in the UK without spending a single penny. Just remember that if it's hot, to make sure you drink lots of water.

Do lifeguards always patrol the beach at Mablethorpe?

You will find lifeguards on Mablethorpe beach from the end of the may until the beginning of September. Remember to always obey the rules and swim only between the flags.

Can you buy ice cream at Mablethorpe Beach?

On pretty much every day of the year you will be able to buy yourself a tasty ice cream. If you come in the main season and especially the summer months, there will be loads more flavours that you can try out too.