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Golden Sands MablethorpeMablethorpe Holiday Parks

Mablethorpe holiday parks range from all-action locations to chilled-out destinations and offer something for every visitor looking to travel to the area for a short break or a more extended trip. Look through our guide to holiday parks in Mablethorpe so you can begin to plan and look for ideas on where to stay for your dream holiday at the resort. 

best holiday parks in mablethorpe

So just what are the options for a caravan holiday in Mablethopre? Take a look at our list of caravan parks in Mablethorpe below and see if any of these are suitable for your trip.

Golden sands 

Golden Sands is the largest of the caravan sites in Mablethorpe and is located at the north end of Quebec Road. This park is minutes away from the beach and has a fantastic offering of things to do as well as many options when it comes to accommodation. Read more.

mablethorpe chalet park

The Chalet Park is another brilliant option for a holiday in Mablethopre and again is located on Quebec Road. The main town is easily accessible, and with the award-winning beach just a short walk away, this can be a great place to set up base for your stay in Mablethorpe. Read more.

Mablethorpe Chalet ParkMablethorpe Chalet Park

grange farm park

Situated on Alford Road and just a short distance from Mablethorpe, Grange Farm has often been described as a hidden gem by those who have stayed there for their holiday. There are some brilliant facilities on site, and the location is one of the most tranquil you will find whilst in the area. Read more.


Another outstanding holiday camp in Mablethorpe on Quebec Road is the family-run Holivans. This quiet holiday retreat is located just before you reach Golden Sands and offers visitors a much more chilled holiday experience. The legendary onsite Tow Bar is a brilliant night out, and with the site's great position next to the beach, Holivans could be your next holiday destination in Mablethorpe. Read me.

Swallow Park

If you're looking for a place to stay that offers little more than accommodation and is great on the pocket, then Swallow Park is worth some consideration. The site is positioned at the North End of Mablethorpe next to the Theddlethorpe nature reserve and is truly one of the most serene places to stay in Mablethorpe. Read more.

caravan parks near mablethorpe

There are plenty of caravan parks on the outskirts and surrounding areas of Mablethorpe too. We've listed the best options where you can stay below:


Sunnydale Holiday Park is around a 20-minute drive to Mablethorpe and offers a less hectic holiday experience for couples and families. Parkdean owns this resort, so it has top-of-the-range facilities and some quite magnificent grounds. Read more.

Sunnydale Holiday ParkSunnydale Holiday Park


Over the last few years, a considerable amount of money has been invested into Trusville caravan park in Mablethorpe, making this now one of the best places to stay in the surrounding areas of the main town. It has a great entertainment venue named Dreams that holds regular events, and the site is just a few minutes walk to the beach. Read More.

trusthorpe springs holiday park

A beautiful little spot to base yourself on the outskirts of Mablethorpe for your holiday is Trusthorpe Springs. The grounds of this caravan site are stunning; it's only a stone's throw from the beach, and the site offers excellent entertainment at its Cartwheel Club, along with a fantastic heated swimming pool for guests to enjoy. Read more.


Are Mablethorpe Holidays good value for money?

Visiting a holiday park in Mablethorpe or one of its surrounding areas offers fantastic value for money. There are accommodation options for travelling parties of all sizes and budgets, making Mablethorpe the perfect holiday destination. 

What are the best holiday parks in Mablethorpe?

Generally speaking, the best holiday parks in Mablethorpe are Golden Sands, Grange Farm Park, Holivans and the Chalet Park.

Can I get a cheap caravan holiday in Mablethorpe?

To get a cheap deal on a Mablethorpe holiday, your best option is to book your accommodation whilst the schools are still in term. This is classed as off-peak, and the costs will be considerably lower. 

Can you hire a caravan privately in Mablethorpe?

There will always be options to book a private stay for your holiday in Mablethorpe, but I suggest that you do this through a reputable platform, as you are always at risk of losing your money when dealing with individuals. 

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