mablethorpe sand train

Mablethorpe Sand Train has been providing guests to the resort with trips along the iconic east coast seafront since 1952. This attraction has become a favourite for generations of families over the years and is one of Mablethorpe's longest standing highlights. Enjoyed by thousands of guests each year and an incredibly popular point of interest for all those who visit, the Sand Train in Mablethorpe is extremely enjoyable and a journey you have to experience when you visit the area.

mablethorpe beach sand train refurbished

The iconic Mablethorpe Sand Train has been refurbished as of 2022 and is ready to take you on a journey down the picturesque east coast

Transporting passengers along the idyllic setting of Mablethorpe Beach for over 60 years was bound to take its toll on even the most well-built trains within the country. And after the ownership of the Sand Train passed over in 2021, there were some changes in store for one of Mablethorpe's most precious and long-standing attractions. Initially, this saw the new owners opt for a tractor to pull the carriages. While this did improve the operation's overall reliability, it did make it lose some of its glamour and appeal.

Comments were taken on board by the owners, and as of 2022, the Mablethorpe Sand Train is back in all its glory, and I have to say it looks fantastic. So, whether you choose to ride the Sand Train for a pleasurable trip along the coast, taking in the scenery and the sea air, or use it as a mode of transport between the holiday parks down Quebec Road, you'll find the pricing of the Sand Train is very reasonable, and it's an exciting and memorable way to enjoy your holiday in the town.


The Sand Train has six drop-off and pick-up points along the beach numbered on visible wooden structures.  Generally speaking, a one-way trip and a round trip on the Sand Train will cost £1.50 and £3 respectively. 

mablethorpe sand train times

The Sand Train starts offering trips from 10:30 am, and continues throughout the day until 5 pm. The operating hours may vary though, with the running of the train dependent on weather conditions and the time of the season. As a general rule of thumb, the season for the Sand Train begins in March and continues until the end of October.


Is Mablethorpe Sand Train running?

The Sand Train in Mablethorpe runs from March until the end of October.

How much is the Sand Train in Mablethorpe?

Prices will vary for the Sand Train depending upon where you board. But in general round trips per person shouldn't cost more than £3. 

When did the Sand Train first start carrying passengers?

As one of Mablethorpe's longest standing attractions, the Sand Train has been in operation since 1953.

Can our pets board the Sand Train?

Yes, they can. All family members are welcome, including those with four legs.

Can fold up wheelchairs be taken onto the Sand Train?

The Sand Train does its best to cater for all visitors. If you have any special requests, then speak to the driver before boarding the train, and they will be happy to help you out.