queens park mablethorpe

Queens Park in Mablethorpe is a fantastic family destination that provides hours of fun at one of the resort's best beauty spots and is very budget friendly on the pocket. Alternatively known as Mablethorpe boating lake or Queens Park paddling pool, visitors can access the grounds via Seaholme Road, Victoria Road, or the most popular point by walking south down the central promenade. However you make your way to this picturesque location, you'll be sure to make plenty of memories here that last a lifetime.

mablethorpe queens park lake

The picturesque Queens Park in Mablethorpe can be accessed from multiple locations in the town

Queens Park boating lake and the paddling pool in Mablethorpe is a beauty spot that can often be missed by holiday goers, especially those visiting the area for the first time. There are several amenities for guests, and you can easily spend a whole day here without breaking the bank budget-wise. If you're unsure how to get here, I've pinned the location on a map for you. If you want to arrive here via car and your sat nav, then Queens Park Mablethorpe postcode is LN12 2AY.

mablethorpe splash park paddling pool

Mablethorpe paddling pool and splash park is free for visitors to use and provides hours of fun for the younger members of your family

The paddling pool at Queens Park, also known as Mablethorpe Splash Park, is free for all visitors and is one of the most popular amenities at the boating lake. Typically this will open for the season from the end of May and will be in operation until the end of September. The pool will open daily from 10am to 6pm, and visitors do not need to book in advance to use the facility. Parents should note that there are no lifeguards on duty at the paddling pool, so it's advisable not to leave any children unattended.

mablethorpe boating lake boats & pedalos 

Cruise around Mablethorpe Boating lake on motor-powered boats or join the family in a pedalo as you make your way around the lake

Sailing around the iconic Mablethorpe boating lake is a great way to get relax and take in some of the stunning views that are on offer. There are multiple options available for you to set sail around the lake all with varying prices, these have been listed below for you to view.

  • Swan Pedalo: £11
  • 4 Seater Pedalo: £9
  • Motor Boat: £8
  • Rowing Boat: £6

queens park mablethorpe prices & other AMENITIES 

Visitors to Queens Park are not just restricted to water activities; various other amenities are on offer too. Are you interested to know what these are and their prices? Well, I've got you covered; these are listed below for you to browse.

  • Mini Railway: £2 per person
  • Crazy Golf: £2 per person
  • Putting Green: £2 per person
  • Tennis: £2 per hour, per person
  • Flat Green Bowling: £2 per hour, per person

* Toilets are available at Queens Park along with a cafe on-site that serves both hot and cold drinks, as well as hot and cold snacks and meals. 

queens park mablethorpe beach huts

Beach huts are available for rent at Queens Park Mablethorpe and are a great place to set up base for the day or even the whole week

With such a great location on the award-winning beach at Mablethorpe, Queens Park has several beach chalets that are available for visitors to rent. This can be a great idea if you want to make the most of the beach and the amenities at Queens Park and have a base for the day.

Mablethorpe beach hut hire is very reasonable regarding pricing, and the costs involved have been conveniently listed below.

  • Day Rate Low Season: £16.95
  • Day Rate Mid Season: £25.50
  • Day Rate High Season: £30.80
  • Weekly Rate Low Season: £91.10
  • Weekly Rate Mid Season: £140.05
  • Weekly Rate High Season: £170.85

If you are interested in booking a beach hut then you can visit the local council website here to do so.

boating lake car park

Mablethorpe Boating Lake car park

Two car parks can be used at the boating lake, with the north car park accessed via Seaholme Road and the south car park accessible through the Victoria Road entrance. Pricing to park up is very reasonable, as highlighted below, and there are also facilities for Electric Vehicle owners to charge their cars.

  • Up to 1 hour: £1
  • Up to 3 hours: £2
  • Over 3 hours: £5


What are Queens Park opening times?

Whilst the park is open all year round, the amenities are only open throughout the season. Specifically the paddling pool is open from the end of May until the end September with operating hours of 10am until 6pm.

How much is the paddling pool at Queens Park?

The paddling pool at Mablethorpe boating lake is completely free to use.

Is Queens Park dog friendly?

Dogs are not allowed around the paddling pool area, but all other locations are dog friendly as long as they are on a lead.

Can I rent a beach hut at Queens Park?

Yes, you can. If you'd like to enhance your visit to Queens Park further, I'd highly recommend booking a beach hut for the day. We have additional information above in our article with prices and where you can make a booking.

Are there any parking facilities at Queens Park?

There are two car parks at Queen Parks; these are reasonably priced and also cater for electric vehicle owners. 

Is Queens Park disabled-friendly?

Yes, it is. All visitors are catered for at Queens Park.

Does the park have toilet facilities?

Men's, ladies and disabled toilets are available at Queens Park.