tesco mablethorpe

The Tesco Mablethrope supermarket officially opened on the 28th of October 2021, with the 20,000 sq ft premises selling a wide range of food, household items and clothes. In addition to the store, there is also an unmanned petrol station, free-to-use cash machines and EV Charging Points for those who have electric vehicles. Visitors to the area and residents will also find the facility to take passport photos in-store, along with a machine that can change up all of your unwanted loose coins for banknotes. 

mablethorpe tesco supermarket

Tesco in Mablethorpe is located off Golf Road on Pete Chambers Way

After a decade of will they, or won't they, Tesco finally put their diggers in the ground, and within a year, Mablethorpe finally had their very own Tesco Supermarket. Whilst it may not be one of their Megastores that can be found in countless other towns and cities around the country, a good selection of products is still available. If you're unaware of the store's location, we have pinned it on a map so that you can easily find it and make your way there to grab some groceries or fill up your car with petrol. 

tesco mablethorpe opening hours

Curious about the opening hours of the Tesco Superstore in Mablethorpe? We've got you covered. View the opening and closing times of Tesco in Mablethorpe below.

  • Monday: 7am - 11pm
  • Tuesday: 7am - 11pm
  • Wednesday: 7am - 11pm
  • Thursday: 7am - 11pm
  • Friday: 7am - 11pm
  • Saturday: 7am - 11pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 4pm

in-store at mablethorpe tesco supermarket

A full range of products including food, household items and clothing can be found at the Tesco Superstore in Mablethorpe

The addition of Tescos to Mablethorpe is a fantastic alternative for the locals and visitors to the area to use. All of the in-store amenities that you are used to seeing in the more prominent locations can also be found here, which means you'll be able to do a full shop if you need one, or if you need one or two speciality items, then that will be catered for too.

All Clubcard offers, rewards and vouchers are available in the store, and customers can also choose to utilise the scan as you shop devices that are located as you enter the store. These can help reduce your time in the store and help you keep track of what you are spending as you visit each of the aisles.

Of course, there are far too many individual items to list and services that are offered in the Mablethorpe Tesco store, but we've listed the basics below so that you have a rough idea of what you'll be able to find.

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Lottery
  • Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Click & Collect
  • Limited Garden Items
  • SIM Cards & Travel
  • Help & Service Desk
  • Battery Recycling
  • Toilets & Baby Changing
  • Instant Passport Photos & Loose Coin Change Machine

disabled access & parking at tesco mablethorpe

Additional facilities at Tesco Mablethorpe include free parking, toilets, and recycling

For those customers visiting who are disabled, you'll be pleased to know that the store is disabled-friendly and offers several services to ensure that your shopping trip is enjoyable and hassle-free. This begins with designated disabled parking spaces, and staff in-store can also provide wheelchair assistance if required. 

Disabled toilet facilities can be found in the store, and an assistive hearing enhancement system, braille, and larger print are also available if needed.  All staff have been fully trained in disability awareness and will be happy to help with any issues that may arise whilst visiting.

All customers can enjoy free parking when shopping at the store, but be aware that time may be limited if it is high season or the store is particularly busy. 

tesco mablethorpe petrol station

Tesco Mablethorpe petrol station is unmanned and will accept card payments only

Do you need to fill up your vehicle with petrol while visiting the store or while in the area? Well, then you're in luck, as The Tesco Superstore in Mablethorpe comes with its own unmanned petrol station located at the edge of the main carpark. This is a self-service fill-up option, and customers should be aware that only card payments will be accepted. The option to buy petrol is not available 24 hours a day, and we have listed opening times that you can purchase petrol at Tesco Mablethorpe below.

  • Monday: 6am - 11pm
  • Tuesday: 6am - 11pm
  • Wednesday: 6am - 11pm
  • Thursday: 6am - 11pm
  • Friday: 6am - 11pm
  • Saturday: 6am - 11pm
  • Sunday: 6am - 11pm


What are the opening times for the Mablethorpe Tesco Superstore?

Tesco in Mablethorpe is open from 7am till 11pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am till 4pm on Sunday.

What are the operating hours of the Tesco Mablethorpe petrol station?

The petrol station at Tescos in Mablethorpe is unmanned and operates from 6am till 11pm seven days a week. Customers should be aware that only card payments are accepted when paying for petrol.

What is the phone number for Mablethorpe Tesco?

The only available number to contact Tesco to ask about the store in Mablethorpe is 0345 026 9150

Does the Mablethorpe Tesco store offer click and collect?

Yes, it does. Click and collect is available up until 8pm on weekdays and 4pm on a Sunday.

Can I charge my electric car at the store?

Yes, EV charging is available for those with electric cars.