things to do in mablethorpe

So you've finally arrived at your holiday destination, but now you're wondering what to do in Mablethorpe after you've got settled and packed away all of your holiday clothes, or alternatively having found a space and parked up for the day. Our definitive list of things to do in Mablethorpe will give you plenty of options to keep you busy, with the possibilities ranging from action packed days out, to chilling with loved ones and enjoying some fresh air and long walks. So what are you going to do once you reach your favourite seaside destination? It's time to find out!

list of things to do in mablethorpe

Have a look through our guide of things to do around Mablethorpe and plan what you'll do with your time in the resort. Remember that there's as much, or as little to do as you'd like in and around the town, so whether you're here for days of action, or just a relaxed time, this is a seaside destination that caters for visitors of all ages.

things to do in mablethorpe in the rain

Whilst the British seaside is renowned for delivering excellent holiday experiences, it's a known fact by us all that the weather can't be controlled. So what things are there to do in Mablethorpe if it's raining? Well we're glad that you asked. Take a look at our suggestions below of things to do in Mablethorpe in the rain, so that you can keep dry whilst on holiday, but still have lots of fun.

  • Mablethorpe Arcades
  • Eastside Ceramics 
  • The Loewen Cinema
  • Mablethorpe Sports Centre
  • The Dunes Complex
  • 10 Pin Bowling
  • Seal Sanctuary
  • On Site Entertainment ( Holiday Park Visitors Only )

free things to do in mablethorpe

We all go on our holidays with a rough budget in mind of what we'd like to spend, so finding things to do that don't cost any money at all are always an added bonus. Visitors can enjoy a number of activities in Mablethorpe without having to spend a penny. Want to know what they are? Then take a look at our list of free things to do in Mablethorpe below:

  • Mablethorpe Beach 
  • Queens Park
  • Shrewood Playing Field & Kids Park
  • Mablethorpe Skatepark
  • Cycling on the Promenade 
  • Walk to the Tide and Time Bell
  • On Site Entertainment ( Holiday Park Visitors Only )

dog friendly things to do in mablethorpe

A trip to the seaside with all of the family for some will mean the inclusion of their four legged friend. The great news is that Mablethorpe caters for both dogs and their owners, so all of you can enjoy some much needed time at the coast and have loads of fun. Check out our ideas of dog friendly things to do in Mablethorpe below:

  • Amazing Beach Walks
  • Amusement Arcades ( All Are Dog Friendly )
  • Spanish City Store ( Sells Speciality Dog Ice Cream )


What are the best things to do in Mablethorpe?

The best thing to do in Mablethorpe is to enjoy the miles of golden sand at its award winning beach. Not only can this provide hours of fun for all of the family, it's completely free too! Additional activities at the resort include Crazy Golf, riding The Sand Train, Heading to the beautiful Queens Park, or even watching the Circus when it's in town.

What can we do in Mablethorpe if it's raining?

There are a number of things to do in Mablethorpe if the weather is bad. These include Amusement Arcades, 10 Pin Bowling, The Loewen Cinema, The Seal Sanctuary, Eastside Ceramics, and entertainment at The Dunes Complex.

Is Mablethorpe a dog friendly destination?

Other than the miles of sandy beach that you can take your dog for a walk on, there are a number of places that are dog friendly in Mablethorpe. These include a number of family pubs with outside facilities, and all amusement arcades.

We're going to Mablethorpe for a holiday, is it cheap to do things there?

Compared to other seaside resorts Mablethorpe is one of the cheapest destinations that you will find. You'll be incredibly surprised just how reasonable the pricing of items are, which is always great when you're on a budget.

Does Mablethorpe have Ten Pin Bowling?

Yes it does. You'll find immaculately kept bowling lanes at The Mirage Arcade on the main High Street of the town.